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Wedding Gifts

Ah, wedding registries: the place where creativity goes to die, as you decide between gifting a plain cream tablecloth, or a generic glass salad bowl. Then again, no wedding registry can also be tricky, as it can be hard to decide what the couple will really like, or find useful. And, gifting cash often feels like the brash option.

Enter our location art – a unique piece of décor featuring the location coordinates and elevation of the place that’s special to the couple in question. Perhaps it’s the place they got married, the town where they first met, or the exact beach where they got engaged. Gifting a piece of our location art means giving something truly original that will be a talking point for many years to come. Here are three other reasons why our location art makes for a great wedding gift:

It anchors a fleeting memory

If you’re married or ever been closely involved in a wedding, you’ll know the months and months of planning that go into them – and then the entire event is over seemingly in a flash. It’s no wonder that couples treasure their wedding photos and videos as a reminder of the momentous occasion long after the date has passed. Similarly, our location art can serve as a reminder of their special day and place where they exchanged vows.

It will remind them of you

Because our wall mounted canvas prints are so unique, they’re not likely to forget that it’s from you! Putting thought into an original gift like this makes it truly meaningful – let’s face it, the same probably can’t be said for that glass salad bowl.

It’s great for setting up a home

Even if the couple in question has been living in the same house before getting married, the start of this new chapter in life means they may be looking at sprucing up their shared home, or revamping it. What better way to do this than with a stylish piece of customised art for their wall or mantelpiece?

If you’re at a loss for what to buy for a wedding gift, our customised canvas location art may be the most original wedding gift a couple will ever receive.

Interested in our location wall art as a wedding gift? Check out the other posts to read about other couples who’ve been sold on the idea, or look at our product pages for the different formats available.


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