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Anniversary Gifts

Buying an anniversary gift can be tricky. Although you may know your partner really well in terms of their hobbies, tastes, likes and dislikes, coming up with an original gift idea year after year can become a challenge.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with four reasons why our personalised location art makes for the perfect anniversary gift – whether you’re celebrating your first year of being married or your thirtieth!

They’re personal – real personal

While it may be easy to find an affordable print of a city like New York or Paris if that’s where you got engaged or married, what about a remote location on the Wild Coast, or somewhere in the Australian Outback? No matter what corner of the globe your special place is in, we can customise it into beautiful and stylish canvas artwork that’s completely personal to you as a couple.

They’re affordable

If you want an original artwork, commissioning one from an artist can be exceptionally expensive. Our location art offers the best of both worlds: starting from only R750, our canvas prints are affordable, but they’re completely original and customised to your story as a couple.

They’re unique

A shaving kit. A candle. A bunch of roses. While all of these are popular anniversary gifts, they don’t win any prizes for originality. What about something that no one else has, and that your partner will always remember? A customised, framed print of your special place fits the brief beautifully.

They’re sentimental – but not cheesy

By their very nature, anniversaries are sentimental, and so anniversary gifts can quickly veer into mushy territory. Our location art hits the sweet spot between being heartfelt but also stylish at the same time.

More useful than a stuffed teddy bear and far more beautiful to look at, our location art is unique and highly personal. Interested in ordering one as an anniversary gift?

Read about other couples who’ve been sold on the idea, or look at our product pages for the different formats available.


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