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The Ultimate Quarter-Final (Karen & Eugene, Henley-on-Klip)

What's the connection between a Football World Cup quarter-final, a country wedding and Oprah? Well, more than you'd expect, as it turns out..

Do you have a favourite 2010 Football World Cup memory? Tshabalala's opening goal against Mexico? Discovering the correct end of a vuvuzela? Something else? Well, we're pretty confident that Karen and Eugene's favourite memory is different to yours.

Karen & Eugene's wedding

Kick off!

Karen and Eugene got married during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. To be more precise, they got married on the day of the quarter-finals. While this could have been misinterpreted as a relationship test for any of their German or Spanish guests, it was simply because most of their special friends were in town that week. Practically 9 years ago to the day, Karen and Eugene tied the knot at Ducks Country House in Henley-on-Klip in Kliprivier, just south of Johannesburg. Karen (founder of the amazing Lovilee Lifestyle Blog, by the way) had dreamt of a simple country affair and a vintage style wedding dress. This would also include all capable friends and family members being allocated tasks such as hair, make-up, and presumably keeping guests updated on the score.

It was icy cold on the day and there were plenty of fires keeping guests warm. Now, almost a decade later, if they had to do it all again they wouldn't change a single thing.

Karen chose to immortalise the special place and day with a location art piece as an anniversary gift for Eugene. She customised the design and it has since been added to the catalogue, called Mist. Don't they look great?!

The piece can now be spotted in their home office...

Fun facts on Henley-on-klip: The village was founded in 1904, by Advocate Horace Kent. Born in 1855 in Henley on Thames, England, Kent came to South Africa in 1898. The area where Henley on Klip is located reminded Kent of his hometown in England, Henley on Thames. Kent, in conjunction with the Small Farms Company (SFC), bought the land from a Mr Van Der Westhuizen for a price of 5000 pounds, and the land was divided into smallholdings. And today, the Oprah Winfrey Academy for girls is located in this pretty town.


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