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Metacraft location art


What is location art?

Every place has geographic information. Amongst other things this includes coordinates (numbers which represent a position on Earth) and elevation (height above sea level). We take this information and turn it into art to represent your special place.

What's on each piece of location art?

Each standard piece has the coordinates & elevation of your special place. Depending on the style you choose, we'll also personalise it with your name/s, date and a tag line like 'This is where it all began'. Custom additions are also possible.

Where do I get the location information for our special place?

This is part of what we do. We will calculate the coordinates and elevation of your special place based upon whatever information you're able to provide. So far we've been able to work with street addresses, venue names, or even a mark on a map.

I'd like to include custom colours and other elements. Possible?

Sure. We're constantly updating our catalogue of popular styles and designs, and you should start by checking them out. Of course, we're very happy to discuss anything additional or different that you may want.

How do I personalise my own location art?

It's so easy. Start on our Products page, find the format you like and click 'Personalise now'. You'll then be prompted to select the design elements that you prefer and enter the information that will be included on the design. On submission your design will be generated for your review, without obligation.

Tell me about the quality?

We use the highest quality 100% cotton canvas, printing and framing is used for every piece. Read more about the materials here.

How long does an order take?

We'll need two weeks from the time that you approve a design. You may then have to add a few days for delivery depending on where you are.

What about delivery?

We'll take care of that. We use PostNet's counter-to-counter service to deliver art to anywhere in South Africa.

What's the connection between Metacraft and Read?

We really love the work that Read Educational Trust do. As such, every location art piece bought puts a book in the hands of an underprivileged child in South Africa.

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