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Justine & Donovan: Bethesda Fountain, NY

So, what's the connection between a cancelled New York wedding and an episode of 'Friends'? Well, not much, as it turned out, but you really should read Justine & Donovan's full story to understand why.

Imagine the excitement...

Justine & Donovan are high school sweethearts. After a few years of dating they had the opportunity to travel to the US for a friend's wedding. Excitement was running high, but then - the shock: the wedding was called off a month before the date. The two had saved long and hard for the trip and were super amped, so they decided to go anyway.

Fast forward a bit, and they found themselves at the Bethesda Fountain in New York on their second last day of their trip. Justine wanted to visit the fountain because she thought it was the one in the credits of 'Friends'. Then, at some stage, Justine turned around and Donovan was holding a simple band and asking her to marry him! Needless to say, New York is their favourite place on earth.

While the New York tattoo was a good start, Justine decided to further immortalise their happy place with a location art piece. She picked the Bus Blind in a design called Mist. It's personalised with the coordinates and elevation of their favourite fountain, and is now found above their bed. Hooray!

By the way, the fountain seen in the 'Friends' opening sequence is actually found on the Warner Bros. Ranch where it was filmed along with Lethal Weapon and National Lampoon's, but, you know, details...


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